Red Ghost Of Arizona

In 1856, sixty-two camels, along with trainers, were shipped from Turkey to Texas to form an experimental U.S. Army Camel Corps. Their end destination was Camp Verde, where a Turk named Hadji Ali, known to Americans as “Hi Jolly,” trained cavalrymen to use the camels for surveying the harsh lands of the Southwest.

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Tri-State Spooklight

It has been described as refracted light of a vague sort, a case of wandering car lights, and simply shrugged off as an unexplained phenomenon. The Army Corps Of Engineers concluded that it was “a mysterious light of unknown origin.” But those who have encountered this hazy glowing orb while prowling Devil’s Promenade road in the dark of night will testify that it is REAL.

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Regal Reptile Ranch

Mike Allred and his sister Addie moved their Reptile Garden from Elk City, Oklahoma to the existing four-lane stretch of Route 66 east of Erick in 1970, following Elk City’s bypass by I-40. Their chosen locations in close proximity to Billie Henderson’s Reptile Village, and Billie was not shy in teaching to the intrusion on her turf, leading to a contentious relationship.

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Red Ghost Of Arizona Tri-State Spooklight Regal Reptile Ranch

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