GlassBoy Studios


Enter the world of rainbows, retro styling, and Route 66.  Designer and artisan Joel Rayburn understands the passion for the glory days of the route and the time when boulevards from Chicago to L.A. were splashed in pulsing neon. He created Glassboy Studios, where he handcrafts tribute signs from the Mother Road, breathing new life into signs that have been dark or absent from the landscape for years. His initial 11406792_10153428059093689_7420727452061219955_nefforts, the El Cajon Motel from San Bernardino,  Tucumcari’s original Blue Swallow sign…that now resides at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico…and a Whiting Bros. Motel sign from San Fidel, New Mexico, made their debut at Tucumcari’s “Rockabilly on the Route” June 5th.

Other signs are on the drawing  board, and custom pieces are available for those who have a favorite vintage sign from the Mother Road, or elsewhere. Signs average about four feet wide, making them suitable for hanging indoors. Signs can also be displayed outdoors, but should be sheltered from rain and hail. Each piece is hand-crafted from scratch, using no power tools. Prices start at $2500.00, To find out more, contact Joel at: or on Facebook!

GlassBoy Studios Team: David Rivers, Jim Ross, Shellee Graham and Joel Rayburn

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